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Energy & Functional Materials Sector

Sumitomo Chemical provides a wide variety of functional chemical products that contribute to reducing the environmental impact as well as to conserving energy and natural resources. Such products include alumina and aluminum used for energy-efficient products, high-performance polymer additives and rubber chemicals, as well as super engineering plastics and lithium-ion secondary battery materials used in electronic components and next-generation vehicles.

Taoka Chemical Co., Ltd.

Based on the organic synthesis technologies accumulated in the synthetic dye business, this company manufactures a wide range of products in the area of fine chemicals, including paper-finishing resins, highly functional adhesives, rubber additives, and intermediates for pharmaceuticals and crop protection chemicals.

Koei Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sale of formaldehyde used as the raw material for synthetic resins, polyalcohols used in plastic paints, as well as intermediates for pharmaceuticals and crop protection chemicals.