Energy & Functional Materials Research Laboratory

In order to expand Sumitomo Chemical’s business relating to energy and the environment, the Energy & Functional Materials Research Laboratory conducts research and development in a broad range of fields, including inorganic materials, polymer materials, and organic synthesis, to create new products and enhance the competitiveness of existing products, such as battery materials, high performance engineering plastics, high-performance resins, high-performance rubber and new additives for fuel-efficient tires, and alumina products.
In addition, in accordance with the globalization of this business, its research and development is also being conducted in collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical’s overseas group companies.

  • Conducting structural analysis with an electron microscope

Major Research Areas

Development of separators for lithium-ion secondary batteries

  • Heat-resistant separators

An advantage of our separators is the coating of a heat-resistant layer formed from aramid resin, which offers high thermal stability, on a polyolefin film, thereby contributing to improvements in the safety of batteries, which have increasingly larger capacities. In response to the rapid growth in the market for lithium-ion secondary batteries, we are increasing production capabilities and developing products that address customer needs.

Development of high performance engineering plastics

  • High performance engineering plastics

Sumitomo Chemical’s high performance engineering plastics are used in a wide range of applications, including electrical and electronic components, separation membrane materials, and carbon fiber composite materials for aircraft. We strive to create new high-performance products that meet contemporary demands, including for improvements for the different applications, digital transformation, and energy and resource savings.