Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory

This laboratory aims to help create healthier and more hygienic lives, and contribute to improving the yield of food crops and agricultural productivity through our expertise in organic synthetic chemistry, biology, and formulation technologies. The laboratory is engaged in the development of new agricultural chemicals and functional fertilizers, more effective and safer household insecticides, and technologies for preventing infectious diseases, as well as efficient synthetic methods for pharmaceutical chemicals.
The laboratory collaborates with Sumitomo Chemical's overseas Group companies to incorporate the needs of global customers into our R&D activities, thereby contributing to the expansion and globalization of the company's business.

  • Evaluation test on chemicals inside a greenhouse

Major Research Areas

Development of new agricultural chemicals

  • Agricultual Chemical Product Development Process

The Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory is engaged in research essential to the development of new agrochemicals, such as the discovery and evaluation of new compounds, the search for new routes to manufacturing methods, and formulation studies. We work together with the Company's other labs as we forge ahead with our R&D to create products with not only outstanding performance, but also excellent safety and cost-efficiency.

Research for Development and improvement of crop protection chemicals

  • Experimental farm overseas

Using experimental farm facilities in Japan, America, and France, we undertake prompt and precise practicality assessment for new crop protection chemicals in our efforts to develop new products efficiently.
In addition, to make our existing products easier to use, we are working to develop new applications and new agrochemical formulations.

R&D for household insecticides

  • Household insecticide experiment

We are engaged not only in discovery of new household insecticides, but also in development of new applications and devices to create higher value-added products.
In addition, we seek to contribute to the prevention of malaria through the continued development and improvement of our OlysetTM Net.

Custom synthesis of pharmaceuticals

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient

We are developing synthesis methods to produce pharmaceutical chemicals competitively by fully utilizing our organic synthesis technologies.
In addition, new, creative key technologies in asymmetric organic catalytic reactions, cross-coupling of aromatic compounds reactions and enzyme reactions are also under development.