Production & Safety Fundamental Technology Center

To strengthen safety measures, disaster-prevention capabilities and the competitiveness of the company’s production plants, the Production & Safety Fundamental Technology Center promotes research and development on the safety of manufacturing processes and facilities, materials diagnostics, and the enhancement of manufacturing technology using computers.
It also works to build fundamental technologies related to production and safety to support the company's manufacturing operations for the global business environment.

  • Evaluating the strength of a material using an Instron tensile tester

Major Research Areas

Developing Technologies Relating to Equipment Materials

  • Corrosivity evaluation by stress corrosion cracking test

We are developing technologies for selecting the optimal materials to be used in chemical plant equipment as well as technologies for equipment diagnostics and damage analysis.

Developing Highly Safe Processes

  • Safety test of a powder product by a dust explosion test apparatus

To develop safer production processes, we are working on safety tests and evaluation of chemical substances.

Developing Control Systems

  • Developing control systems using computational technologies

To optimize plant operation, we are applying advanced computing technologies, including simulations and process controls, to develop sophisticated control systems.