Industrial Technology & Research Laboratory

This Laboratory carries out industrial chemistry research to develop new chemical processes and improve existing manufacturing technology.
In addition, the Laboratory is engaged in R&D work in fields of specialized technologies that support production operations, including environmental technology.

  • Basic experiment with distiling equipment

Major Research Areas

Development of chemical processes

  • Gas-phase polypropylene manufacturing plant

Making use of the chemical engineering expertise and technologies we have accumulated over many years, we conduct laboratory-scale experiments and pilot experiments to create industrial-scale production processes for new products, and work to complete process flows and basic designs for production facilities. We work together on process development for a plant's production with basic research divisions and manufacturing divisions to ensure safety and due consideration for the earth's environment until after completion when the plant has started stable operation.

Development of functional products

  • Luminescent materials of PLEDs

  • Structure of Lithium-ion Secondary Battery

We work together with other research laboratories on development of engineering production processes for ICT and display materials (polymer organic light emitting diodes (PLEDs) for thin panel displays, new optical functional films, etc.) and energy-related materials (lithium-ion secondary battery materials, etc.) and other outstanding new functional materials manufactured using industrial processes.

We leverage our strengths in elemental technologies necessary for production of assembled products, including plastics molding, film formation, microfabrication, trimming and recycling, testing, and anti-pollution technologies, in our aim to establish innovative new technologies.