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Health & Crop Sciences Sector

The Health & Crop Sciences Sector is engaged in the manufacture and sale of crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, feed additives, household and public hygiene insecticides, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. By providing these products, we aim to contribute to a stable supply of crops, help increase food production in response to an increase in the world population, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and achieve hygienic and healthy lives.

Crop Protection Chemicals

Various crop protection chemicals, including insecticides and herbicides

We provide insecticides that are effective on a range of insects that cause damage to crops, trees, and pasture plants; herbicides for a variety of crops, including rice and soybeans; and fungicides to help prevent plant diseases and soil-borne infections. In order to respond to diverse needs with the spread of environmentally friendly agriculture, we supply a wide spectrum of products, including biological pesticides. In addition, within Japan, together with the companies in the Sumitomo Chemical Group, we are developing our business to provide a wide variety of agriculture-related products and services, including crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, and agricultural materials. Moreover, we are working to support rice farmers with total business support, including providing seeds, crop protection chemicals and fertilizers, cultivation management assist, and purchasing and selling rice crops.

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Products for Household Use

Household insecticides made using Sumitomo Chemical's products

We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of various products used for insecticides for indoor and outdoor use (such as mosquito coils, mosquito repellents and aerosols), insect repellents for clothes, termiticides, as well as ectoparasiticides for use in the animal health field. These products include technical grade, and formulated products mainly containing pyrethroids as the active ingredient. Resin emanators have also been introduced recently as a product providing energy-free mosquito-repellent action.

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Feed Additives

DL-methionine and methionine hydroxy analog used as feed additives

We manufacture and sell methionine, which is mainly used in chicken farming. Methionine is a type of essential amino acid that promotes the growth of animals fed with it.

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Products for Control of Infectious Diseases

Olyset Net

We manufacture and sell our Olyset Net, a mosquito net that helps protect people from the mosquitoes that carry malaria, and other infectious disease control products such as insecticides that kill mosquito larvae.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates

Active pharmaceutical ingredient

We engage in the manufacture and sale of APIs and intermediates outsourced from pharmaceutical companies, as well as pharmaceutical chemical products developed in-house, such as generic APIs, based on our advanced organic synthesis technologies and quality assurance capabilities.

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