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Health & Crop Sciences Sector

The Health & Crop Sciences Sector is engaged in the manufacture and sale of crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, feed additives, household and public hygiene insecticides, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. By providing these products, we aim to contribute to a stable supply of crops, help increase food production in response to an increase in the world population, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and achieve hygienic and healthy lives.

Crop Protection Chemicals

Valent U.S.A. LLC

Development and sales of crop protection chemicals.

Sumika Agrotech Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of agricultural and horticultural materials and seeding.

Valent BioSciences LLC

Development and sales of crop protection chemicals.

Sumika Agro Solutions Co., Ltd.

Distribution of produce, sale of materials for agricultural use, and support for farmers.

Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe S.A.S.

Development and sale of crop protection chemicals.

Products for Non-Crop Land

Sumitomo Chemical Garden Products Inc.

Manufacture and sales of horticultual materials.

Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sale of horticultual matrials.

Household and Public Hygiene Products

SC Environmental Science Co., Ltd.

R&D, manufacturing and sales of products for environmental hygiene, such as insecticides, insect repellents, and fungicides.

Products for the Control of Infectious Diseases

Vector Health International Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of Olyset Nets.


Sumitomo Chemical Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Sale and development of crop protection chemicals, feed additives, and environmental health products.

Sumitomo Chemical India Private Limited

Sale, development, and registering of crop protection chemicals and household insecticides.