R&D Reports

FY 2017

2017.7.31 issue

“Robinhood” is a novel insecticide developed to control the wood boring insects which inhabit tree trunks and branches, by spray-injection of the pesticide from the entrance of the pest tunnel to beat them directly. This product contains fenpropathrin, a broad spectrum insecticide, 0.02% as an active ingredient and it has a compact product form so that it can be sprayed easily on the damage points situated at complex structures of living trees.
“Robinhood” was launched in June 2016 and it has shown good efficacy for a wide range of wood boring insects, including serious pests such as Cossus insularis and Anoplophora chinensis malasiaca in domestic orchards.
The developmental history and insecticidal properties of “Robinhood” are described in this report.
(4-16 by Takashi SATO, Naoki SATO)

With recent dramatic increases in information, power consumption is an important issue for data processes, and ultra-low power switching devices are required. The emerging transistors with lower power consumption operation are required instead of the conventional ones. Tunnel field-effect transistors have attracted much attention as ultra-low power operating devices. We report the recent progress in tunnel field-effect transistors based on the III-V compound semiconductors and in the III-V epitaxial wafers for next generation devices.
(17-25 by Masafumi YOKOYAMA, Taketsugu YAMAMOTO)

In recent years, the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has been remarkable. In the chemical industry, a wave of business innovation utilizing AI has arrived, including drug development that utilizes AI in the medical field. Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. aims to realize dramatic business innovation through digitization corresponding to the IoT era in its medium-term plan. As a part of this AI is also being examined as a digitalization technology. In this paper, we will consider the utilization of AI for future business innovation based on the present state of artificial intelligence and efforts at Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
(26-34 by Hitoshi HONDA)