R&D Reports

FY 2014

2014.7.31 issue

Fenpyrazamine is a novel fungicide with an aminopyrazolinone structure developed by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Fenpyrazamine has good fungicidal properties, such as high antifungal activity, preventive efficacy, translaminar ability, inhibition activity in lesion development, long lasting activity and short pre-harvest intervals (PHIs). Fenpyrazamine also shows safer profiles for human health and the environment. Formulated products, PROLECTUS® and PIXIO®DF, have been registered since 2012. PROLECTUS® was first launched in Italy in 2012, and PIXIO®DF was launched in Japan in 2014.
(4-16 by Norio KIMURA, Masaya HASHIZUME, Kazuyuki YANAGISAWA, Hajime ISHIDA, Masaya MIURA, Takashi MORIMOTO, Keiko OSE)

Both dipropylene glycol (DPG) and tripropylene glycol (TPG) are manufactured by non-catalytic propylene oxide hydration reactions as byproducts of propylene glycol. Owing to the successful development of a new high performance niobium catalyst for DPG/TPG-only production, we have established industrial technology which is a simple and energy-saving process. From now, we are planning on starting promotion activities for licensing this technology.
(17-24 by Shinjiro ISHIHARA, Masayuki YOSHII, Shoko IKEDA, Koji SHINOHARA, Makoto MURATA)

In chemical plants an important objective is to ensure safety and stable operation of equipment such as widelylaid pipe lines, aged equipment (used for more than 40 years), and large-sized equipment for overseas expansion. In order to achieve this objective, it is important to understand the condition of exhaustive equipment in a plant, and to invest intensively in cost-effective maintenance based on diagnosis test results. A study on non-destructive evaluation techniques for chemical plant equipment, developed based on the keywords of low cost, high speed and high quality, is described here.
(25-35 by Hidehiko SUETSUGU, Toyokazu TADA, Tatsuya KUSUMOTO)

Many companies have conducted various activities to ensure information security since utilization of information technology became one of the ways to support business. However, changes in the threats surrounding the current IT environment and changes in the environment such as IT technology and globalization also have an effect on revisions of international standards, and so security measures in companies need to be reexamined. This report includes a discussion of information security in the Sumitomo Chemical Group.
(36-44 by Kazuyo NAKAI, Takayuki KANEHIRA, Sumi SHIMIZU)