Educational Activities

  • In fiscal 2020, we rolled out original educational videos on the fundamentals of a circular system for plastics for all employees of the Sumitomo Chemical Group. Through these videos, we enhanced the understanding of many executives and employees regarding how a circular system for plastics functions and sparked greater interest in this topic. We will continue to educate employees so that they can take ownership of various issues related to a circular system for plastics.
  • As part of our JaIME* activities, we participated in the creation of a DVD for middle school science classes. This DVD has been used in science classes at middle schools across the country since fiscal 2021 and is also available on the website of Japan Chemical Industry Association.
  • In Nigeria, which is a country with high plastic waste emissions, to spur a transformation in behavior of people in the region, we supported plastic recycling education for children who will carry the future.
  • Japan Initiative for Marine Environment. The organization mainly educates the public, shares information, and disseminates information related to the marine plastic problem. (Japan Chemical Industry Association-JaIME ( (Japanese only))

Cleanup Activities

Through cleanup activities mainly in business site regions and at beaches, we are helping solve the plastic waste problem. For example, as part of measures to tackle marine plastic waste, Misawa Works conducts cleanup activities of washed up plastic waste along the Sabishiro beach every year.

  • Cleanup activities at Sabishiro Beach