Sumitomo Chemical's Corporate Philosophy

Sumitomo Chemical’s business began when gasses from the copper smelting process of the Besshi Copper Mine caused a pollution problem, and there was an urgent need for a solution. Sumitomo Chemical was founded to resolve this problem, which it did by extracting sulfur (sulfur dioxide gas) from copper ore to use as the raw material for sulfuric acid and fertilizer manufacturing in an effort to overcome an environmental problem while also improving agricultural productivity. This philosophy of resolving problems facing society through its business is in the DNA of the Sumitomo Chemical Group.
Sumitomo Chemical's Corporate Philosophy consists of four parts: the Sumitomo Spirit; the Business Philosophy, which expresses the Company’s vision, mission and values; the Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability, which articulates its approach and commitment to sustainability; and the Sumitomo Chemical Charter for Business Conduct, which stipulates the guidelines for our business conduct with a view to promoting the sound development of the Company.

The Framework of Sumitomo Chemical’s Corporate Philosophy