Products that contribute to developing a Circular System for Plastics

★: ”Sumika Sustainable Solutions(SSS)” Products



Polyethylene used for refill pouches 

For detergent packaging, pouch bags made of this polyethylene material have easy tear-open spouts for easy refilling of dispensers

Producing less plastic waste than rigid bottles

Temperature response film 
“  (CHO-CO)”
(SanTerra Co., Ltd.)

Recently, with the spread of year-round installation and year-round cultivation using agricultural films, it is necessary to suppress the temperature rise in greenhouse by using a shading net during the summer period when the sunlight is strong.

This product can suppress the rise of temperature   inside the greenhouse by increasing the scattered light in response to the rise in the outside temperature. Therefore, it does not require the combined use of a shading net, and it has made it possible to reduce material consumption and workload.


Multi-purpose polypropylene sheet 
(Sumika Plastech Co., Ltd.)

Being free from paper dust and static electricity concern, this product is used for food containers and delivery materials for electronic parts.

This product is superior to other products in terms of water resistance and lightness of weight, and also can be used repeatedly.


Glass fiber recycled polypropylene 
(Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe)

This automotive material includes 60 to 100% of recycling waste polypropylene.

This technology is contributing to the promotion of recycling and resource saving.