Contributing through Business


In April 2021, we established the Business Development Office for a Circular System for Plastics to accelerate the businesses of such initiatives as chemical recycling related to this endeavor.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Products that contribute to developing a Circular System for Plastics

★: ”Sumika Sustainable Solutions(SSS)” Products



Polyethylene used for refill pouches 

For detergent packaging, pouch bags made of this polyethylene material have easy tear-open spouts for easy refilling of dispensers. Plastic waste can be cut by more than 90% compared to that from rigid bottles (for carrying 100 g of contents).

Temperature response film 
“  (CHO-CO)”
(SanTerra Co., Ltd.)

With the rise of year-round agriculture, it has become common for farmers to use transparent film that lets in sunlight in the winter and matte film or opaque nets that block excessive sunlight in the summer. Our product, on the other hand, changes its light dispersion properties depending on the temperature, effectively encompassing the functions needed for both seasons. It can be used throughout the year and thus cut the amount of film used annually.


Returnable boxes (Multi-purpose polypropylene sheet) 
(Sumika Plastech Co., Ltd.)

Because of its excellent water resistance, load capacity, and cleanliness compared to cardboard, the box can be used repeatedly, reducing waste generated and the overall amount of material used.


Glass-fiber reinforced recycled polypropylene material
(Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe)

This automotive material includes 60% to 100% of recycled waste polypropylene. We reduced the amount of virgin propylene used by around 6,000 tons per year (FY2020, based on Sumitomo Chemical’s own research).