Sustainability Promotion System and Activities

Establishment of the Sustainability Promotion Committee

In April 2018, Sumitomo Chemical enhanced the CSR Promotion Committee, thereby creating the Sustainability Promotion Committee. The committee aims to accelerate measures related to resolving social challenges, such as the SDGs, by fully understanding the Group’s sustainability promotion activities and comprehensively assessing their contributions thereto.
In addition, from fiscal 2013 we began holding Regional CSR Meetings in each region and the Global CSR Meetings for CSR managers and presidents from the regional headquarters established in each of the world’s four regions. From fiscal 2016 we began holding CSR Meetings for Group Companies in Japan.

  1. Oversee the Group’s sustainability promotion activities
  2. Comprehensively verify contributions to sustainability
  3. Accelerate efforts to solve issues in society, including the SDGs

Sustainability Promotion System

The Sustainability Promotion Committee is chaired by the president and composed of executive officers from each business division as well as the executive officers from the corporate divisions responsible for economic, environmental, and social activities in addition to the disclosure thereof.

Sustainability Promotion Committee Overview

  • Sustainability Promotion Committee Overview

  1. WBCSD: World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  2. TCFD: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
  3. UN WEPs: Women’s Empowerment Principles

The Sumitomo Chemical Group’s Sustainability Promotion Activities

Promoting SDG Measures across the Three Aspects of T, S, and P

  • Realizing Sustainability

Since the adoption of the SDGs, the entire Sumitomo Chemical Group is promoting sustainability activities across the three aspects of T, S, and P; that is, with the commitment of top management (T), through its business solutions (S), and with the participation of all employees (P).

Top Commitment

At the CSR Promotion Committee meeting held in 2017, the committee approved each member’s commitment, SDG targets, and CSR promotion activities. The approved CSR action plans were communicated with each worksite and Group company in Japan and overseas mainly through operational lines. Based on these plans, each worksite and Group company in Japan and overseas is creating their own CSR action plan.
In addition, the SDG targets and statements of commitment of each member at the Sustainability Promotion Committee meeting held in 2018 are available on the Company’s website.

SDG Lapel Pins

  • SDG Lapel Pins

Wearing these UN-issued pins demonstrates our executives’ commitment to the SDGs and raises awareness of the SDGs among Group employees.

Solutions: Sumika Sustainable Solutions (SSS)

Since fiscal 2016, the Sumitomo Chemical Group has identified those of its products and technologies that contribute to such issues as global warming countermeasures and reducing environmental burdens as Sumika Sustainable Solutions. By promoting the development and the widespread use of these products and technologies, the Sumitomo Chemical Group is offering solutions that will help build a sustainable society, with the aim of contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

Participation: Our Sustainable Tree

Since fiscal 2016, we have conducted the Sustainable Tree, which is an SDG-based initiative aimed at all Group officers and employees in Japan and overseas. The campaign is waged for 100 days every year from the end of June to the beginning of October. At each designated website, participants select one of the 17 SDGs that they want to focus on and post about their efforts.
Fiscal 2017 was the second year of this campaign. We titled it “Our Sustainable Tree Round 2, Work Together towards the SDGs!” Participants uploaded 9,099 posts about how in their work and workplace they are undertaking measures related to the 17 SDGs. During the campaign, study sessions were held at companies and workplaces. Many officers and employees realized they could contribute to the SDGs through their daily work. This increased the number of passionate posts displaying an understanding of how global issues are their own personal issues.
This year marks the third year. As Our Sustainable Tree 3.0, the aim is to ingrain the SDGs. In other words, we want employees to fully demonstrate their creative capabilities and come up with solutions that create new value through the power of chemistry. In addition to the 100-day call for posts, we stepped up indicatives contributing to the society undertaken by Group companies through their business operations, posting about the measures and top commitments of each.