Contribution to Developing a Circular System for Plastics

Sumitomo Chemical has defined contribution to developing a circular system for plastics as one of its material issues for social value creation. The "Sumitomo Chemical Group Basic Policy Towards a Circular System for Plastics" articulates our basic guiding principles to advance efforts and expresses our commitment to this issue. To resolve plastic waste problems, we will continue to strive to develop innovative technologies and products while also actively collaborating with various stakeholders.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Basic Policy Towards a Circular System for Plastics

Recognizing that plastic is a useful material supporting a sustainable society, the Sumitomo Chemical Group is committed to work towards building a circular system for plastics and resolving plastic waste problems in accordance with its Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability and the following policy:

  1. The Group contributes to resolving plastic waste problems through its business, particularly by providing technologies, products and services that leverage the power of chemistry.
  2. The Group focuses on innovation regarding 3Rs—reduction, reuse and recycling—of plastics and works to accelerate the adoption of new solutions by society, while also considering an impact on actions against climate change issues.
  3. The Group takes on challenges difficult to resolve alone, such as marine plastic problems, by working with various stakeholders through alliances and open innovation partnerships.
  4. The Group provides its employees with education and awareness-raising programs based on sound science, while also engaging in social actions, such as initiatives for promoting waste sorting and collection and riverside and beach cleaning campaigns, to ensure that every one of its employees has a sense of ownership and can change their actions as needed to address plastic waste problems.
  5. The Group constantly reviews progress and works to enhance and improve its efforts by the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle method.

(Formulated June 2020)