Responsible Care

Valuing Society’s Trust, Promoting Responsible Care Activities

  • Yoshihiro Miyoshi Managing Executive Officer

Responsible Care (RC) activities refer to the voluntary initiatives undertaken by business operators in the chemical industry, with the goals of ensuring safety, the environment, and health throughout the lifecycle of chemical products, from development through to the manufacture, sales, use, and disposal after final consumption, maintaining and improving the quality of those products. All employees of the Sumitomo Chemical Group are working to promote Responsible Care Activities products with a strong determination to make safety our first priority.

As global-scale issues pile up, including the response to climate change, the creation of a circular economy, and considerations for biodiversity, we, as people engaged in the chemical industry, duly regard the society’s trust in us as the starting point to continue our business. We also believe that it is the chemical industry that can deliver solutions to these issues. In order to secure the license to operate from our customers, our neighbors, and our employees, we will continue to promote Responsible Care activities throughout the Group.

Yoshihiro Miyoshi
Managing Executive Officer