Corporate Business Plan (FY2019 - FY2021) and Sustainability

The Corporate Business Plan (FY2019-FY2021), which started in FY2019, has “Change and Innovation 3.0: For a Sustainable Future” as a slogan. This represents the Group’s commitment to increasing productivity exponentially through digital innovation in view of the advent of “Society 5.0 (ultra-smart society),” while at the same time contributing to creating a sustainable society by resolving issues facing society.
With regard to our efforts to accelerate the development of next-generation businesses, we have set out four focus areas: healthcare, reducing environmental impact, food, and ICT. These four areas correspond with the four items of our “Material Issues for Social Value Creation,” which are included in our material issues for sustainable value creation.
We at the Sumitomo Chemical Group will continue to carry out our initiatives under the Corporate Business Plan, create both economic and social value, and achieve sustained growth for the Group while also helping to build a sustainable society.

Transition of the Corporate Business Plan “Change and Innovation” from FY2013

Note: The current Corporate Business Plan is the first that positioned “contributing to the creation of a sustainable society” as a major pillar.

The Four Priority Areas for Accelerating the Development of Next-generation Businesses
(From the basic policy of the FY2019–FY2021 Corporate Business Plan)

  • Accelerate the development of next-generation technologies and create new businesses for a sustainable society