Relationship with Society

Sumitomo Chemical requests every Employee and Board member to comply with the guidelines outlined below and has distributed to each of them a Compliance Manual that provides information on the guidelines outlined below, major relevant laws, regulations and company rules to observe.

No data falsification or fabrication

You must not falsify or fabricate data or numerical values acquired in the course of your business activities, for example, such as those related to product quality, specification or safety, environment or accounting, regardless of whether they are intended for internal or external use. In addition, you must not make a description or indication not supported by the actual data or values acquired.

No relationships with antisocial groups, prohibition of money laundering

If contacted by antisocial groups or organizations, you must take a firm attitude, and must not have any relationship with such groups or organizations. In addition, you must not cooperate in money laundering or in provision of funding for terrorism, and be careful not to be of use in such money laundering or provision of funding for terrorism in the process of performing transactions.

Regulations for general or political donations

When making donations or buying tickets for political fund-raising parties, you must comply with the relevant laws, regulations and the company rules.

Environmental preservation

As good global citizens, you must voluntarily and proactively take actions and perform social responsibilities so that our Company may grow in harmony with the global environment and contribute to its preservation.

Safety and disaster prevention

You must properly manufacture, store, sell, transfer and use any potentially dangerous materials to prevent the occurrence of accidents or disasters. If an accident should occur, you must ensure safety by rapidly taking measures to prevent the spread of the accident. Facilities that handle materials usually considered to have no potential risk, such as air or steam, must not be operated in any manner other than as specified in the design specifications.

Security trade controls

To perform your responsibility to maintain international peace and security, you must comply with laws and regulations that control the export of goods or technologies relating to the manufacture or use of weapons of mass destruction (such as nuclear weapons or biological/chemical weapons), conventional arms, etc.

Compliance with laws and regulations related to exports and imports

You must comply with trade-related laws and regulations, international treaties, etc. and undertake proper export/import procedures.