Nurturing the Children of the Next Generation

Educational Support for the Leaders of Tomorrow

As a pillar of our social contribution activities, we support children who will lead the next generation. We continue to offer a variety of educational support from our bases and Group companies in Japan and around the world.

Support for Education in Africa

We believe that in order to break free from poverty and achieve sustainable economic development, Africa needs to build a better educational environment for children. Since 2005, Sumitomo Chemical has been conducting educational support activities centered on the construction of primary and secondary school buildings and related facilities in Africa to support children, on whom the continent’s future rests.

  • Support: 25 projects in 12 African countries
    Beneficiary: over 15,000 children (as of June 2018)

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Educational Aid to Sakura Girls Secondary School in Tanzania

Sumitomo Chemical has donated educational materials, money for building a schoolyard, and Olyset ® Net to Sakura Girls Secondary School in the northern village of Bangata, Tanzania in East Africa through Group Kilimanjaro, Inc. Our executive officer Hirooka visited the school to give a special lecture on the importance of mosquito nets as a malaria prevention tool.

  • Olyset® Net in use at the girls' dormitory

Support for Education in Timor-Leste

Sumitomo Chemical has provided math educational materials and backpacks for elementary school children in Timor-Leste* (East Timor) through the Lorosae-Nippon Association (the East Timor-Japan Association) in cooperation with Gakken Holdings.

  • The math educational materials are translated into the Tetung which is a local official language.
  • The pictures by Timor-Leste children appear on the cover.

Science Workshop Classes Held, Connecting Everyday Products to the Wonders of Chemistry

The Sumitomo Chemical Group would like children, who are responsible for the future of technology, to experience for themselves the wonders and appeal of science. We hold science workshop classes at our bases around the world for children to conduct experiments and craft things with our products, experiencing the wonders of chemistry with their own hands, in order to convey in an easy-to-understand way how everyday products are made from chemicals.

  • Experiment Show

  • On-site science workshop classes

  • On-site science workshop classes

  • with Sumika Assembly Techno Co., Ltd. Sumika Agrotech Co.,Ltd.
    Sumika Chemical Analysis Service., Ltd. Sumitomo Dainippon Phama Co.,Ltd.
  • Children's visiting day (science workshop classes / office tours )

    (using our product“ dye ”「Handkerchief dying」)

「Science workshop classes」in China, Singapore, Belgium

using our product “polarizers" 「Kaleidoscope」, using our group's product “Super Absorbent Polymer" 「Magic powder」

  • 「Science workshop classes」 in China

  • 「Science workshop classes」 in Singapore

  • 「Science workshop classes」 in Belgium

Science Workshop Classes for Having Fun with Science

Based on the topic of “experimenting with air”, the children experience the wonders of science by investigating the relationship between pressure and boiling water as well as comparing the strength of pressure.
We aim to continue offering the classes while working to further improve the content and the way they are taught.

An instructor from the Ichihara-Sodegaura Young Investor’s Club given an on-site science class (Chiba Works)