Education Support Activities

Sumitomo Chemical is supporting children, the leaders of tomorrow.

Support for the Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Children Learning at a School Built with the Support of Sumitomo Chemical

To escape poverty and generate self-reliant economic development, we believe it is essential for countries to have an adequate primary education infrastructure.

In many developing nations, however, there are not enough schools, and many students are exposed to the heat and swirling dust or in cramped classrooms. To improve this situation, Sumitomo Chemical wants to put the revenues it receives from its OlysetTM Net business to good use. As a result, it has teamed up with the NPOs World Vision Japan and Plan Japan to support 20 projects (as of March 2017) in 12 countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana. The projects include the construction of elementary schools, junior high schools, school lunch facilities, and housing for teachers as well as the provision of education materials, sometimes in partnership with other companies.

  • Learning How to Use OlysetTM Net

Sumitomo Chemical will continue its long-term support for education so that more children can have access to a better education.