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Relations with Stakeholders

Under its Basic CSR Policy, the Sumitomo Chemical Group pursues and promotes CSR activities taking into consideration the interests of all stakeholders. Our stakeholders include the international community, stockholders and other investors, customers, business partners, local communities and society, and employees. Our dialogue with stakeholders over our history has defined our responsibilities to our stakeholders and how we approach them. Going forward, the Sumitomo Chemical Group will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to all its stakeholders and work to enhance communication with everyone.

The Sumitomo Chemical Group, [Employees] Employment and human resources development, Continuous Communication, The International Community, Global Environment, [Customers] Long-lasting trust, [Business Partners] Fair transactions, [Local Communities and Society] Safety and environmental protection, [Shareholders and Investors] Improvement in corporate value

Stakeholders Sumitomo Chemical Group's Responsibility Major Communication Methods
Shareholders and Investors
Shareholders and Investors
We promote scheduled, effective and strategic communication with shareholders and investors in regard to our management policies, business strategies, and earnings trends. Through this communication, we fulfill our responsibility to disclose information to shareholders with the aim of maintaining and improving the market’s trust in Sumitomo Chemical. By promoting an accurate understanding of our operations, we support appropriate share price formation and improvement in corporate value.
  • Conducting general meetings of shareholders
  • Holding management strategy briefings and business strategy briefings
  • Holding conference calls
  • Holding briefings for individual investors
  • Holding one-on-one interviews with analysts
  • Disclosing information via the Sumitomo Chemical Report, investors’handbooks, and other publications
  • Providing information on the Company’s website
We are working to supply high-quality products and services that satisfy customers’ needs and ensure safety in their use, thereby building long-lasting relations of trust with customers.
  • Engaging in communication through operating activities and supporting quality assurance
  • Providing information through various media including the Company’s website
  • Offering customer support through consultation services
Business Partners
Business Partners
We are committed to building progressive and mutual relations with business partners based on the Basic Procurement Principles. In addition, we conduct fair and transparent transactions, promote responsible procurement activities, and encourage all our business partners to engage in CSR activities.
  • Engaging in communication through purchasing activities
  • Monitoring and feedback that draws on the CSR Deployment Guidebook and check sheets
  • Providing contact points for inquiries
We are working to create human resources development systems and a workplace environment in which individual employees can make the most of their abilities, while respecting the well-being and diversity of employees. Also, the Company and its labor union will maintain a favorable relationship that has been built based on mutual understanding and trust.
  • Conducting central and regional labor-management meetings
  • Convening the Labor-Management Committee for Diversity and Work-Life Balance
  • Providing various training programs
  • Communicating via in-house magazines and internal network
Local Communities and Society
Local Communities and Society
In the belief that its business must be based on mutual prosperity with society, We are building and maintaining good relationships with local communities by conducting activities to meet local needs while aiming to enhance communications, and ensure the safety of the region and preservation of the environment.
  • Publishing the Report on the Environment and Safety at all worksites
  • Publishing local PR magazines
  • Hosting local dialogues
  • Holding science workshop classes
  • Engaging in local cleanup activities
The International Community
The International Community
We observe international regulations in an effort to resolve various issues confronting society, including food, climate change, educational disparity and gender inequality. We also believe it is important to collaborate with various international organizations, NGOs, and other companies.
  • Promoting the activities of the UN Global Compact
  • Participating in a task force of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA)
  • Engaging in a variety of activities through economic and industrial organizations
  • Conducting programs in collaboration with NGOs and NPOs