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In its Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability, Sumitomo Chemical outlines its vision for top management promoting sustainability across the entire Group and made this its Corporate Philosophy. To clearly promote this, we positioned contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society as a major pillar both in the process for the defining material issues and in the Corporate Business Plan, which was launched in April 2019. Furthermore, as part of the Sumitomo Chemical Group’s sustainability measures,which have been a focus of management, Sumitomo Chemical has formulated Sumitomo Chemical Group Human Rights Policy and established the Human Rights Promotion Committee.
In addition, regarding the promotion of sustainability, to raise Group-wide awareness of important sustainability measures, we send out a letter penned by Sumitomo Chemical’s president. Going forward, executive officers will hold multiple briefings
at each worksite and Group company in Japan. The four regional headquarters around the world will hold briefings for Group companies overseas.

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