Top Commitment: Addressing the Promotion of Sustainability as a Management Priority

In the Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability, we declare that Sumitomo Chemical’s top management is committed to promoting sustainability. We also place these principles just below the Business Philosophy in the framework of our corporate philosophy to demonstrate the Group’s commitment to addressing the promotion of sustainability as a management priority. In addition, under our Corporate Business Plan, which was launched in April 2019, we have defined contributing to building a sustainable society as a major pillar of the plan.
In this year, the president of Sumitomo Chemical sent a letter to all Group companies’ presidents to communicate the Group’s new sustainability initiatives, including key performance indicators (KPIs) for our initiatives to address the Group’s material issues, the Group Policy for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion, the Group Basic Policy Towards a Circular System for Plastics, and new measures for promoting respect for human rights. In his letter, the president also called on all officers and employees to share the Group’s corporate values and work together to carry out our sustainability efforts. Meanwhile, the Senior Managing Executive Officer in charge of sustainability held multiple briefing sessions at Sumitomo Chemical’s operation sites and Group companies in Japan to communicate the Group’s sustainability initiatives, while also implementing the same communication efforts for Group companies outside Japan through our four overseas regional headquarters.

FY2019 Sustainability Efforts Briefing Session

LocationNumber of SessionsParticipants
Sumitomo Chemical’ sites 16 Managers*
Group companies in Japan 4 Sustainability managers of each company
Group companies overseas 8 Presidents of regional headquarters
Sustainability managers of regional headquarters
Sustainability managers of each company
  • Those employees who have been seconded in Japan participated in any of the briefing sessions held at Sumitomo Chemical’s operation sites.