Sustainability Promotion System

Promotion System

In April 2018, Sumitomo Chemical enhanced the CSR Promotion Committee, thereby creating the Sustainability Promotion Committee.

Sustainability Promotion Committee

  • Sustainability Promotion Committee Overview

  1. The Americas region, Europe region, China region, and Asia-Pacific region
  2. The Sustainability Department, Legal Department, Human Resources Department, Corporate Communications Department, Corporate Planning Department, Research Planning and Coordination Department, Responsible Care Department, Procurement Department, and Logistics Department
  3. The Responsible Care Committee, Human Rights Promotion Committee, etc.


  1. Oversee the Group’s sustainability promotion activities
  2. Comprehensively verify contributions to sustainability
  3. Accelerate efforts to solve issues in society, including the SDGs


The committee provides advice to each executive organization to ensure that the Group’s business activities all function organically to realize sustainability for all society and that said activities are fairly assessed by stakeholders.

  1. SOLUTION: Providing advice to each business sector and each Group company on contributing to the sustainable growth of society through business operations
  2. INITIATIVE: Providing advice to various committees through participation in international initiatives
  3. ENGAGEMENT: Providing advice related to assessing and enhancing communication through dialogue with stakeholders

Committee Members

The Sustainability Promotion Committee is chaired by the president of Sumitomo Chemical and composed of executive officers from each business sector, the executive officers from the corporate departments and the presidents of four overseas regional headquarters.


The committee’s secretariat comprises the Sustainability Department, Legal Department, Human Resources Department, Corporate Communications Department, Corporate Planning Department, Research Planning and Coordination Department, Responsible Care Department, Procurement Department, and Logistics Department.

Fiscal 2019 Results

The Sustainability Promotion Committee meeting was convened twice, holding active discussions to set key performance indicators (KPIs) for the material issues for sustainable value creation, while sharing information on international trends related to sustainability and discussing major sustainability issues for the Group.