Human Resources Management

Basic Policy

‘People’ are a major source of corporate competitiveness, and securing highly motivated and capable personnel is the foundation of business operations.

In addition, our business environment has become more complex and sophisticated due to the recent expansion of our business domains and advances in technological innovation. In these circumstances, it has become extremely important to secure personnel with broad knowledge and diverse skills, and to focus on training so that employees can maximize their abilities.

Against this backdrop, the current Corporate Business Plan sets forth employing, developing, and leveraging human resources to support sustainable development as one of its basic policies.

Based on this policy, we are strengthening our recruitment capabilities dramatically and effectively promoting the current personnel and training systems based on the basic philosophy of “development and growth.” We are also working to create an environment in which diverse personnel can work healthily and energetically.

Number of Employees (Sumitomo Chemical Group)

 FY 2016FY 2017FY 2018★
Male 24,232 24,015 24,483
Female 8,304 7,822 8,059
Total 32,536 31,837 32,542

Note: The above figures are as of March 31 for each fiscal year. Employee numbers do not include temporary employees, part-time staff, dispatch employees, and staff assigned to other companies not included in the scope of consolidation, but do include staff assigned from other companies not included in the scope of consolidation.

Human Resources System Initiatives

Sumitomo Chemical has introduced a human resources system in which employee treatment is based on the content of each person’s work, the magnitude of their responsibilities, and the achievements they have accomplished, as well as the abilities and activities they have displayed and undertaken. Through this system, employees with motivation and abilities are able to take on the challenge of a higher role as soon as possible, thereby fostering their willingness to grow voluntarily.

Accordingly, our evaluation system is not limited to evaluating how well each employee is able to perform the duties their position and role entails; it evaluates how well said employee demonstrates their ability to deliver real results and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to do so. The system thus encourages individual development and growth without overly focusing on short-term achievements.

Managers talk with their subordinates on a regular basis to help increase their motivation and abilities with feedback on their performance, objectives, behavioral advantages, and areas for improvement. In the interviews, they also discuss workplace policies, job expectations, and career paths. Furthermore, we have adopted the same performance evaluation system for managers at overseas Group companies as for Sumitomo Chemical’s managerial employees.

Characteristics of Our HR Systems

(1) Career Development Field (CDF)

To encourage development and growth amid the current climate of diversifying ideas about career trajectories, we have incorporated Career Development Fields (CDF) (professional categories) into our HR systems. We decided to do this because we understand the importance of determining the details of medium- to long-term placements and training in line with each
employee’s ability and suitability as well as based on their career goals. Planned placements and training are conducted in line with each employee’s career goals, and employees’ experience of their own development and growth serves to further encourage them to take the reins when thinking about their careers.


Field X A career in which the employee takes on a specified role, while also working on tasks that support the maintenance and development of Sumitomo Chemical’s business over the medium- to long-term.
Field Y A career in which the employee works on tasks that contribute to the development of business as a professional, within a role with a defined scope.
Field Z A career in which the employee works on a variety of tasks supporting things like the development of new technology and the increasing sophistication and complexity of business.

(2) Careers for Specialists

We offer more than the conventional path, which assumes a largely vertical progression in rank from manager to general manager, and so on. To reflect the increasingly advanced and complex nature of operational and R&D fields, we have introduced a mechanism that provides appropriate compensation so that personnel with sophisticated abilities in their specialization can unleash their full potential and rack up accomplishments.

Careers for Specialists

  • Careers for Specialists