Responsibility to Our Customers

Basic Stance

Throughout the Group, Sumitomo Chemical is working to provide high-quality products and services to ensure their safety inthat can be used safely while that satisfying customers' recently diversifying needs and ensure safety in their use, and sales managers and customer consultation offices provide support tailored to products and specific details.

Management System

Sumitomo Chemical works to accurately and rapidly reflect customers’ requests in product development and improvement by sharing this information among Works, Research Laboratories, and sales personnel. In addition, data on customer inquiries and requests for improvements in product quality are stored on an internal database to prevent similar issues from occurring.

Customer Communication System

  • Customer Communication System

Examples of Initiatives

In this section, we will introduce the Sumitomo Chemical Group’s initiatives in agriculture and gardening related products that are closely entwined with customers’ daily lives.

Product Development for Sustainable Agriculture

  • Weed killers for Rice Paddies
  • Fertilizers
  • Biorationals and Botanicals

Communicating with Customers

  • Enhancement of information dissemination tools
  • Improvement of Usability
  • Provision of safe agricultural products

Initiative for Access to Healthcare

Sumitomo Chemical started its pharmaceuticals business as the first Japanese company to manufacture synthetic pharmaceuticals based on its advanced organic synthesis technology. Our Group company Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. considers the below listed items to be part of its duty to its customers in the pharmaceutical business.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Fair Marketing

  • Contribution to Global Health
  • Initiatives to Improve Access to Medicines

Looking Ahead

Collecting information through close consultation with internal and external partners, and maintaining a proactive attitude when listening to our customers’ opinions, Sumitomo Chemical remains committed to continuously providing products that satisfy the needs of its customers. Moreover, the Company is expanding information disclosure in order to provide our customers with vital information in the most appropriate manner.