Participation: Employee Engagement Project to Promote Sustainability (the Sumitomo Chemical Group Global Project)

The Sumitomo Chemical Group considers that to accelerate the promotion of sustainability, it is essential that all executives and employees share the Corporate Philosophy, have a deep understanding of sustainability, and work together to carry out our initiatives.
As an effort to engage all officers and employees and promote this “participation by all” principle, we have run the Global Project since 2014. This project, joined by all officers and employees via a dedicated website, is intended to help participants to deepen understanding of global trends and the Group’s measures related to the promotion of sustainability by answering on-line quiz questions. It also aims to spur action to promote sustainability by inviting participants to post on the website their efforts on a department or individual level.
For fiscal 2019, we adopted “For a Sustainable Future—JIRI RITA—” as our project title in line with our current Corporate Business Plan for fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2021, and set seven themes by referring to the material issues we will address as management priorities. In order to promote our sustainability efforts across the Group, we communicate the significance of the Global Project and other sustainability measures to all at Sumitomo Chemical and Group companies in Japan and overseas.
In the Global Project for fiscal 2019, at each Group company, the top management selected some of those themes and posted a message to show their commitment to resolving societal issues, and managers in charge of sustainability invited officers and employees to join in. Participants, first of all, took a quiz and answered questions on each of the hemes, enjoying learning about the connection of societal issues and each of our material issues and about the Group’s sustainability initiatives, and then considered what they could do to promote sustainability through their own work or their workplace initiatives and posted their thoughts and commitment.

For fiscal 2019, 110 Group companies participated in the Global Project, with a cumulative total of 22,796 people taking a quiz and 12,067 posts. More people participated than for last year, and we consider this to be attributable to our efforts to communicate the significance of the Global Project along with our sustainability measures to Group companies’ managers in charge of sustainability. In addition, we see the increase in posts from fiscal 2018 as a sign that momentum is gaining across the Group towards promoting sustainability.

FY2019 Participation Results


Number of participating companies*1

Total   110
By organization

Sumitomo Chemical and Group companies in Japan

Group companies overseas 57

Cumulative total of quiz participants

Total   22,796
By organization Sumitomo Chemical 4,993
Group companies in Japan 8,529
Group companies overseas 9,274

By participation method

Online 22,594
Offline*2 202
  1. Companies that participated through the website by way of at least one of the following: the top management delivered a message; officers and employees took a quiz; and officers and employees posted their actions and endeavors.
  2. The number of participants who took a quiz in workplace meetings and other off-line events.

Number of posts

  • FY2019 Results Posts:12,067 ( Of this total, 141 were posted by Group companies’ top management.)

Survey on participants’ experience (1,850 responses from participants)


The Global Project uses a dedicated website to allow officers and employees to participate at any time from anywhere. The website can be accessed via smartphones and is equipped with a translation function so that Group officers and employees around the world can take part in the project.

Three Steps for Participation

Seven Themes

Note: The seven themes include: “safety, compliance, and human rights,” selected from the items serving as the foundation for business continuity; “digital innovation” and “the creation of workplaces that bring out diverse capabilities,” efforts that we consider to be forces that drive our business forward; and “the environment,” “healthcare,” “ICT,” and “food and agriculture,” material issues that we will address to contribute to society through our business. These major themes represent our commitment to realizing a sustainable future.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to run the Global Project in keeping with our Corporate Business Plan for fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2021 to promote sustainability across the entire Group.