Global Project

Participation: Global Project (FY2016–2018 Sustainable Tree)

We have been implementing the Sumitomo Chemical Group Global Project since fiscal 2014 with the aim of fostering a feeling of unity across the Group for all employees and managers in Japan and overseas so that each person can focus on helping to solve social issues. In the three years from fiscal 2016 to 2018, we thought about how we could help realize a sustainable society under the theme of the SDGs and implemented the Sustainable Tree, for posting relevant thoughts.

With the Sustainable Tree, we have steadily promoted Group-wide our sustainability policy of helping realize a sustainable society through business.

Three-Year Sustainable Tree Initiatives

In fiscal 2018, we enhanced the function of the website for sharing SDG-related general information. On the site, we introduce the Group’s best practices and outstanding products and technologies. In this way, we facilitated the sharing of information and the raising of awareness among organizations and employees. We also shared the latest trends related to climate change and the SDGs and enable access to external information.

In fiscal 2019, we changed the name of the site to “For a Sustainable Future –JIRI RITA–”. We are promoting its use as a tool for achieving the Group’s goal of realizing sustainability and will continue to promote sustainability across the entire Group with T, S, and P approach.

Our Efforts to Help All Officers and Employees Achieve Their Goals - Our Sustainable Tree -