Our Efforts to Help All Officers and Employees Achieve Their Goals - Our Sustainable Tree -

What Is the Sustainable Tree Project?

The Sustainable Tree project is a posting project where SDGs are the theme, designed to help the entire Group more deeply embrace the Basic CSR Policy of "contributing to the sustainable development of society through business activities. Through the project, every officer and employee all over the world is able to post about their contribution to the SDGs. Each Group officer and employee learned about the SDGs and thought how their own works, social contribution activities and daily lives contribute to achieving the 17 goals. Officers and Employees were then encouraged to share their own thoughts and posted them on a dedicated website set up expressly for this purpose.

Our Efforts to Ensure No One Will be Left Behind

  • The home page of the dedicated website

To enable every officer and employee to participate in the project at any time from any place, we made it possible to post to the dedicated website from a smart phone. To ensure that Group officers and employees around the world were able to easily post to the website and read its contents, we added a translation function to the website.

  • The dedicated website for the Sustainable Tree is available only to Sumitomo Chemical Group officers and employees.

Over 6,000 Posts from around the World

Posts were accepted during the 100 days from June to October 2016. We received more than 6,000 posts from Group officers and employees around the world covering all of the 17 SDGs.

What Are the SDGs?—A Manga in 11 Languages

We created a manga cartoon that explains what the SDGs are and how Sumitomo Chemical Group is contributing to solve global issues as a diversified chemical company. The manga was prepared in 11 languages and distributed via e-mail to all Group officers and employees.

Seminars and Cafés for Studying and Discussing the SDGs

During the period in which we were accepting posts to the website, Sumitomo Chemical held two seminars on the SDGs conducted by outside lecturers at its head office in Tokyo. Participants deepened their understanding of the historical significance of the agreement on the SDGs, the interrelationship of each 17 goal. In addition, they were encouraged to think about why the SDGs are necessary for private companies.
After the seminars, we held events called Café Sustainable Tree that involved casual group discussions. Officers and employees from different departments in the Company exchanged opinions on the connections between the SDGs and each of their works.

  • President Masakazu Tokura also participated in the group discussion