Support Activities through Business Operations

Support in Combatting Fly and Other Insect Infestations

  • Spraying insecticides

In July 2011, we donated our insecticides SUMITHIONTM and SUMILARVTM to areas suffering damage from insect pests, such as from fly infestations, through local governments (12 municipalities in Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures).

Installing Highly Functional Insecticidal Nets

  • Nets installed at garbage collection points in temporary housing areas

In July and August of 2011, we installed highly functional insecticidal nets at garbage collection points in temporary housing areas to keep out pests in coastal regions affected by the earthquake and tsunami, where outbreaks of infestations of flies and other insects had become a significant problem.

Donating Functional Innerwear

  • Distributing functional innerwear to temporary housing residents

In November and December of 2011, Sumitomo Chemical individually distributed HEATFACTTM innerwear, a product of retailer AEON primarily made from acrylonitrile manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, to people living in temporary housing and other public apartments. Roughly 10,000 units were distributed.

Participating in the Tohoku Cotton Project

  • Shawl made from harvested cotton

Sumitomo Chemical has been participating in the Tohoku Cotton Project as one of the supporting companies since December 2011. Under this project, farmers cultivate cotton in paddy fields that were devastated by the tsunami, where rice cultivation is no longer viable, and participating companies jointly engage in spinning, commercializing and marketing the cotton. Sumitomo Chemical is contributing to the project by utilizing both its products and its long-accumulated expertise to make proposals for the removal of harmful insects and weeds and to obtain pesticide registration as required for the cultivation of cotton.

Developing a System for Renovating Farmland Damaged by the Tsunami

  • Field trials of farmland renovation system

For farmland affected by the actions of seawater and pulverized debris as a result of the tsunami, a renovation system was established in December 2012 based on field trials conducted jointly with Hitachi Zosen Corporation that were starting in November 2011 in rice paddies in Watari-cho, Miyagi Prefecture. Hitachi Zosen was responsible for soil removal and salt and debris extraction, whereas Sumitomo Chemical took charge of soil analysis, fertilizer design, and crop maintenance. Both companies will work together to effectively utilize the established soil renovation system.

Sumitomo Chemical Employees Teach Science Experiment Classes

  • Children dyeing handkerchiefs using dyes they mixed themselves

Using Sumitomo Chemical products, science experiment classes were held for elementary school students to teach them the wonders and joys of chemistry. (Two rounds of classes were held: July-August 2012 and March 2013.)

Supporting the Operation of Resident Farm Plots in Tsunami-Ravaged Area

  • Opening ceremony for Hakozaki Farm

In Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture, an area of farm plots for local residents called Hakozaki Farm was established in June 2013. In collaboration with the Kamaishi City Social Welfare Council and others, Sumitomo Chemical helped sponsor an opening ceremony as well as, in October 2013, a harvest event. Volunteers from Sumitomo Chemical were dispatched to attend those events, and they provided various materials and supplies needed for vegetable plots.